This page provides an overview of the Society of Precast Concrete Structures with PAJS and the membership list.


Our Society aims to contribute widely to society by popularizing construction nationwide that utilizes the pressed concrete mild-press-joint method with its one-of-a-kind world leading superb seismic performance, which is the result of repeatedly improving the conventional pressed concrete press-joint method with its already excellent structural system for use in construction, and promoting research and development to further improve this technology.
  1. 1. Holding of lectures and public relations activities to popularize the pressed concrete mild-press-joint method (hereinafter referred to as the Method)
  2. 2. Appropriate guidance on design and construction to Society members to ensure reliable quality when using the Method
  3. 3. Research and development aimed at technological refinement of the Method and training and guidance to improve the technical skills of Society members
  4. 4. Collection and provision of information on the Method and related information
  5. 5. Other activities necessary to achieve the purpose
Full member
A regular member of the Society is a party who possesses a license to perform production and construction using the Method.
Associate member
An associate member is a party who supports the purpose and activities of the Society.
Becoming a member
Any party who agrees with the purpose and activities of the Society can become a member.


Full members
  • Asanuma Corp.
  • Abe Nikko Kogyo Co., Ltd
  • Hazama Ando Corp.
  • Ichiken Co., Ltd.
  • Ohki Corp.
  • Obayashi Corp.
  • Okabe Corp.
  • Okinawa PC Co., Ltd.
  • Kajima Corp.
  • Giken Co., Ltd.
  • Kyokuto Takamiya Co., Ltd.
  • Kurosawa Kensetsu Co., Ltd.
  • Ken Ken Co., Ltd.
  • Komiyama Corp.
  • JFE Civil Engineering & Construction Corp.
  • JPC Co., Ltd.
  • Shiohama Industry Corp.
  • Showa Concrete Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Sokan Co., Ltd.
  • Daiho Corp.
  • Toa Corp.
  • Tokyu Construction Co., Ltd.
  • DPS Bridge Works Co., Ltd.
  • Nakamura kogyo Co.,Ltd.
  • Hagiwara Construction Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Fukuchigumi Inc.
  • Fuji P. S. Corp.
  • Yoshikawa Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Matsuo Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Midori Kosan Co., Ltd.
  • Motoq Co.,Ltd.
  • Wakachiku Construction Co., Ltd.
Associate members
  • Okumura Corp.
  • Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Shimizu Corp.
  • Seibu Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Zenitaka Corp.
  • Taisei Corp.
  • Tokyo Head Branch, Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Takenaka Corp.
  • Tekken Corp.
  • Nihon Kensetsu Co., Ltd.
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd.